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Life, Pensions & Investments

Savings & Investments

You want to invest a lump sum, or perhaps a regular monthly amount. We can make your money work harder for you.


At all times, we give you the best advice for your individual circumstances, including age and risk profile.

We offer investment advice on guaranteed investments, lump sum investments and investments in emerging markets, as well as:

  • Cash
  • Government and Corporate Bonds
  • Property
  • Equities
  • Commodities

We can help analyse:

  • Your investment choices and returns in the past
  • Your investment goals – fully secure capital or a higher risk for potentially higher returns
  • The length of time you want to invest
  • Whether you would like short-term access to some or all of your funds.
  • Your tolerance to market change. Investments can go down as well as up. Are you happy to live with market volatility?


Your pension fund is generally the pot of money which you will live on when you stop working. This means that saving for your pension is one of the most important investments that you will ever make. By the time you stop working, you may well have paid off your mortgage. But, unfortunately, other bills will still keep coming in. And, as you will no longer be earning a regular income, where will the necessary money come from? So whether you are a company director, self-employed or working for an employer who doesn’t provide you with a pension, you are going to need a regular income in your retirement. And probably quite a lot more than you realise. The most effective way to provide yourself with a retirement income is through a pension. It is the simplest, easiest and most tax efficient way of trying to ensure your own financial independence during your retirement.

Why start a pension now?

When you are young, it’s all too easy to think that old age and retirement are so far away in the future that you don’t need to bother about them now. Yet, the earlier you start your pension plan, the less it will cost you to build up the pension that you will need.

That’s because the longer your money is invested, the more chance it will have to grow – so the amounts that you pay in during the early years have the potential to build up much more than the amounts that you pay in later.

And of course, if you are in your 40’s, 50’s & even 60’s, it’s never too late to start.

What level of retirement income would I need?

Everyone’s expectations and lifestyle requirements are different. However, many experts say that you should aim for a retirement income of around two-thirds of your annual earnings shortly before retirement. That is a good rule of thumb, but it’s not necessarily right for everybody.

Getting Advice

If you would like to arrange a consultation with one of our financial advisors, please call us at 01 2911811 to speak with one of our representatives.

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